Goodbye, Paley... Hello, Charles!

FAQ: Paley Library to Charles Library summer move

Charles Library Exterior

Last updated: August 12, 2019

The move of the Main Campus library from the current Paley building to the new Charles Library facility has begun. The Paley building closed permanently at 8pm on Thursday, May 9, 2019 and move operations began on May 10. As of May 10, library operations are centralized at the Tuttleman Library Services Desk and access to services and collections is limited.

Update: The Tuttleman Library Services Desk will be open from 8-5 on Friday, August 16th and will continue that schedule the week of Monday, August 19th through Friday, August 23rd as we prepare to relocate services to the Charles library

When will Charles Library open?

Charles Library will be open by the start of the fall semester.

Did you say Paley Library is closed?

Yes, Paley Library closed its doors to the public at 8pm on May 9, 2019. The Tuttleman side of the library will remain open throughout the summer.

What about the collections?

Access to the Main Campus circulating collections are now closed until the opening of Charles Library. We recognize that this poses significant inconvenience for summer session enrollees and for faculty and graduate students pursuing research projects over the summer months.

Where can I get books during this time?

We continue to support borrowing of materials from Ambler, HSL, and Kardon for Temple University students, faculty, and staff. We are also offering the following to reduce the impact on the Temple academic community of closing Main Campus collections:

  • Inter-library loans: we continue to provide inter-library lending access (with 2-3 day delivery times) through E-ZBorrow and other systems to get materials delivered from other libraries;
  • The University of Pennsylvania: between May 15 and August 29, Temple University students, faculty, and staff will have walk-in borrowing privileges for all circulating materials at the University of Pennsylvania’s Van Pelt Library. Patrons must present their Temple ID and log into their E-ZBorrow account to demonstrate good standing. Our patrons will be able to borrow up to 20 items at a time for four weeks, and they can renew twelve times. Those patrons will also be granted computer access at Van Pelt and should inquire about this at the circulation desk;
  • Library reserves for physical books in summer courses: we encouraged faculty teaching summer session courses to identify books and other materials that may be relevant to their subjects and to place them on reserve at the Tuttleman Library Services Desk, which will remain operational and accessible through the month of July; and
  • E-book alternatives: we encourage the use of e-book alternatives where those exist in our collections, in full recognition that for many academic uses physical books continue to be preferred by many of our users.

Can I return books after May 9?

Yes, you can return books to the Tuttleman Library Services Desk or the drop bins located outside of Tuttleman and just inside the Paley Bell Tower entrance.

Can I renew books while Paley is closed?

Yes, you can renew books online or at the Tuttleman Library Services Desk.

Will there be any changes in alumni or guest borrowing privileges?

We will ceased accepting new courtesy borrower applications of all kinds effective April 15. This service will resume when we are in Charles Library. Alumni and guests who already have borrowing privileges will be able to borrow materials from Kardon and Ambler during the move.

How do I return books after May 9?

We will have return bins in the Tuttleman lobby. Patrons will also be able to return items at the circulation desk in Tuttleman.

Why is access to the collections closed during the move?

This is an unusually complex move, largely because of the need to load approximately 1.5 million volumes into the Charles Library Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) while also relocating roughly 175,000 items to a traditional browsing stacks collection on the top floor of the new facility. During this time, it will be difficult to locate specific titles.

Where can I study over the summer?

The closure will impact summer session students requiring access to study space. We are creating temporary study carrel and table seating areas in Tuttleman during the summer months. Students are also advised to use the TECH Center for printing, copying, and study needs.

The Ginsburg Health Sciences Library and the Ambler Campus Library will remain open for normal operations through the summer months and those facilities may also be used for study by all members of the Temple community.

How will access to the Special Collections Research Center be impacted?

For the duration of the move to Charles Library, the Special Collections Research Center’s collections will be largely inaccessible to all users. We will respond to requests for information about and from the collections as time and access permits but may defer in-depth response until resuming regular operations at the start of the fall semester. Please see the Special Collections Research Center’s website for more detailed information.

Are digital collections impacted by the move?

Access to digital collections (e-journals, e-books, streaming media, digitized Special Collections items) will be unimpeded by the close of physical collection access, so users who make online resources their primary path to library content will not be directly affected by the move process.

How will guest computing access be impacted?

The Community Computer Program will close operations starting Monday August 12th. Our hope is to reopen that program on Sunday, August 25th.

How will alumni computing access be impacted?

Alumni computer use, which is processed differently than guest computer use, will unfortunately not be possible to support now that Paley has closed. We plan to resume alumni computer use when we are in Charles Library.

What are the plans for Paley Library?

Once all collections have been moved to Charles Library, Temple will continue to celebrate the generosity of the Samuel Paley Foundation and the Paley family by renaming the former library building "Samuel Paley Hall." The building will be the new home for the College of Public Health and will continue to house the Center for Academic Advising and Professional Development for the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science and Technology.

I’m a graduate student interested in a carrel in Charles Library. What can I expect?

We will have graduate lockers in Charles Library in lieu of the study carrels we had in Paley Library. We will be accepting reservations for these lockers when Charles Library opens.

Will the Center for Academic Advising and Professional Development be open?

The Center for Academic Advising and Professional Development, which serves students in the College of Science and Technology and the College of Liberal Arts, will remain open throughout the move. Students will be able to access the center through the Bell Tower entrance to Paley Library.

What hours will Charles Library be open?

The hours have not yet been determined, but you can anticipate that opening and closing hours will be roughly similar (with the exception of the 24/7 space for Temple students, faculty, and staff).

What if I need research help?

For the duration of the move to Charles Library, Temple University Libraries will offer all of its regular research support services to all members of the TU community. While the Ask Here Desk in Paley Library will close to the public, the services can be accessed via our virtual online chat service, email and text request, on-demand personal service at the Tuttleman Library Services Desk and by appointment. During this period we strongly recommend making an appointment to meet with a subject specialist librarian for a research consultation.

Looking forward

Though many in our community will experience some degree of inconvenience during the library move process, we are optimistic that the positive impact of the new Charles Library on our academic environment will be worth the temporary disruptions involved in the move. Thank you for your time and understanding at this unique moment.

For more information

Move and Paley closure:

Richie Holland, Director of Library Administration, 215-204-3455,

Collections, borrowing, and guest computers:

Justin Hill, Department Head, Access and Media Services, 215-204-0750,

Research or reference help:

Special Collections Research Center:

Margery Sly, Director of Special Collections Research Center, 215-204-5201,

Check back regularly for updates, as our move plan continues to evolve.